KICK X(R) MA-nine(TM) Irons

Unbeatable Accuracy. Unbeatable Distance.

Introducing the new MA-nine(TM) Irons by Kick X Golf! These clubs are made with proprietary 431-9 stainless steel, giving a forged feel, while providing a hotter club face. The MA-nine(TM)'s unique cavity back allows for more forgiveness and a sweetspot that's twice as big as other irons! With maximized playability, distance, and accuracy, reaching the green has never been easier!

Engineered by top club designer, Mark Adams, the MA-nine(TM) Irons have a low center of gravity, along with evenly distributed weighting, making the sweet-spot larger and easier to hit. The MA-nine(TM) Irons deliver a level of forgiveness, accuracy, and power most golfers have never experienced before! The MA-nine(TM) Irons are designed to win!

Technological Features
  • Forged Feel and Hotter Clubface
  • Twice as big sweetspot
  • Forgiveness, accuracy and distance
  • Optimal center of gravity
  • Added stability with evenly distributed weighting (heel to toe)
  • Cast deep undercut cavity for enhanced sweetspot
  • High CT club-face that increases ball speed and distance
  • Optical thin top line promotes confidence at address
  • Progressive bounce for improved playability
  • Proprietary 431-9 performance stainless steel for forgiveness, feel, and distance

Product Options

Sale Price: $599.95