Blast Driveway(TM) 12.5 degree

Not a Driver or a Fairway... It's the Blast Driveway(TM)

The new Blast Driveway(TM) is the first and only Fairway-Driver Hybrid, delivering the control of a fairway wood with the distance of a driver. The Blast Driveway incorporates dual Compression Cavity Technology (CCT), producing maximum power off the face for amazing distance and precision control. Unlike older "spring" or "trampoline" effect club-face designs, the Blast Driveway(TM) utilizes two specialized cavities located at the Crown and Sole that work in sync to compress the initial energy created at ball impact. As the ball rebounds off the face of the club, these cavities instantly re-release this energy, as a perfectly balanced distribution of power and precision, back to the ball, delivering maximum distance and unprecedented control.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compression Cavity Technology (CCT)
  • Lower Center of Gravity
  • Enhanced Sweetspot
  • Precision Control - More Accurate than a Driver
  • Maximum Distance - Longer than a 3-Wood



Every Blast Driveway comes with this fun protective headcover.

Compression Cavity Technology Blast Driveway vs. Standard Driver
The Blast Driveway's unique cavity design enables explosive distance, giving the 12.5°ree; lofted club the extra power to match that of any driver

Blast Driveway VS. Standard Driver Sweet-spot Comparison

Blast Driveway's wider and deeper sweet-spot increases control and ability

The Blast Driveway's x-large sweet-spot makes accuracy seem easy and the low sweet-spot position on the clubface enables the Blast Driveway to be used as a fairway wood.

Standard driver sweet-spots are smaller and higher on the clubface

Standard drivers have a smaller sweet- spot that is located higher on the clubface, making pure ball contact difficult and teeing it up necessary.

Blast Driveway Specifications

Woods Loft Lie Volume Head Weight Swing Weight Face Angle Offset Bulge Roll
Driveway 12.5° 59° 280cc 212g D4 0 0 15 15

Club Shaft

Type Torque Trajectory Weight Tip Size Butt Size
Stiff Flex 4.6 MID-HIGH 75g 0.335" 0.602"
Regular Flex 4.9 MID-HIGH 73g 0.335" 0.602"
Light Flex 5.2 MID-HIGH 69g 0.335" 0.602"

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